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Get insurance against loss due to
negligence whilst goods are in transit.

What is Carriers Liability?

Carriers Liability cover is taken by the transporter who has no interest in the goods and only wishes to protect against loss due to his own negligence or that of his employees whilst the goods are in transit. How does it work? The cover provides indemnity against legal liability for accidental physical loss of or damage to property in the custody or control of the insured whilst in transit by road including loading and unloading incidental thereto and happening within the territorial limits specified.
What's in it for you?

The liability of the insurers for all compensation payable including costs in respect of one claim or all claims of a series consequent upon or attributable to one source or original cause shall not exceed the limits of indemnity stated in the schedule.

The insurers shall pay all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by the insured with the insurers’ consent arising in connection with any claim or potential claim under this section, provided the insurers’ liability does not exceed the limit of indemnity stated in the schedule.

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    • War and related perils and terrorism
    • Property covered by Marine Insurance
    • Nuclear risks
    • Loss or damage to property related to or caused by civil commotion, war, invasion, act of foreign enemy