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With Credit Life Insurance you can cover
your institutional loans.

What is Credit Life Insurance?

Get multiple Credit Life Insurance for all your institutional loans such as business, school fees, normal, emergency, construction, and agricultural loans among others. This cover caters to the failure of your members/clients to finish paying their loans in case they die, become permanently disabled, suffer a critical illness or loss of income/employment through retrenchment. Credit Life Insurance is the best solution to stop you from worrying and start doing business.
What's in it for you?
  • We let you choose when you would like your cover to start
  • Our policy does not have an excess or deductible on accidental/occupational benefits
  • We offer free financial member education and awareness
  • Burial Expense Subsidy
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How does it work?
  • Death/Disability: When a member/client passes on or becomes disabled such that they cannot service their loan, our cover comes in and covers the remaining loan amount.
  • Critical illness: When a member /client is diagnosed with a critical illness e.g. heart attack such that they become unable to continue servicing their loan, we pay the outstanding loan amount.
  • Retrenchment: When a member/client loses their job through retrenchment, our cover comes into service the loan by making monthly installments.
  • Catastrophe extension: This relates to insurance against an event or a series of interrelated events causing loss or damage to goods of trade affecting three or more persons within the same location at the same time. Such event includes fire, floods, storms, and other natural calamities as covered.
  • Note: Our group Credit Life Insurance cover comes with a grief and bereavement counselling package.

    The basis of the cover includes:

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    TALK TO US Get insurance for institutional loans such as business, school fees, and more.Want to know more about Credit Life Insurance?If you want to know more, we might have answered some of your questions.
      • The turnaround time of not more than two weeks if it has presented its member’s claim with all the required documents.
      • Quality service with minimum follow up once a claim is presented.

      We expect to receive the following information from the SACCOs/MFIS in the form of tabulated schedules:

      1. Names and ages of borrowers
      2. Amount of the loan for each borrower
      3. Inception date for each borrower
      4. The repayment period for each borrower
      5. The interest rate charged per month

      Our claims procedure is detailed in our policy document but also, we handle claims on a case by case basis and advise according to the class of loss or damage.