Cover for your cropsInsure your crops against perils that might happen.

What is Crop Insurance?

Crop Insurance covers farm crops against various perils such as losses due to adverse weather conditions such as floods, hailstorms, drought, barn fire, uncontrollable pests, and theft. The sum insured can be the farmer's input costs and output (expected yield) or both. Who is this for? It's anybody who is into crop farming, it covers all commercial field crops including wheat, maize, barley, rice, tea crop, coffee, sugar cane, tobacco, all horticultural crops, floriculture, and tree crops. Also covers farm assets and equipment including greenhouses and irrigation facilities.
What's in it for you?

The insurance cover pays for the yield shortfall below the guaranteed level resulting from physical loss or damage of growing crops directly by listed perils. Indemnity against physical loss or damage to growing crops directly by drought, excessive rainfall, uncontrollable pests and diseases, fire, lightning, malicious damage, earthquake, riot and strikes, explosion, and windstorms. The cover can also be extended to cover harvested yield being stored at the farm or any other place of temporary storage or to apply when the crop is in transit to any recognised destination within the country.

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How do I apply?
  • Proposal form completed
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  • Description of animals to be covered

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    The two policies available under Crop Insurance are:

    • Multi-perils policy covers the crop against various perils except those specifically excluded.
    • Index-based (Kilimo Salama) is a micro insurance product that covers crops against identified weather perils that can be measured using a computerized weather station.