Against Fire and
Special Peril
Protect your property against loss or damage due
to fire, explosions and lightning.

What is Fire and Special Perils?

The basic cover responds to loss or damage to property caused by fire, lightning, and explosion and is extended to include riots, strikes, malicious damages, storms, earthquakes, floods, and water damages due to bursting or overflowing water tanks apparatus and pipes. Property covered includes: buildings, furniture, fixtures and fittings, plant and machinery etc. Who is this for? It's suitable for anybody who owns physical property in a fixed location.
What's in it for you?
  • Fire, lightning, explosion and additional perils extension
  • Earthquake, volcanic eruption and subterranean fire, bush fire
  • Storm, wind, water hail or snow
  • Aircraft, other aerial devices or articles dropped therefrom.
  • Impact by animals, train, trees or vehicles excluding damage to such vehicles
  • Leakage or discharge from fire extinguishing installations/appliance like a sprinkler system
  • Subsidence and land-slip
  • Riot, strike, civil commotion, and malicious damage
  • Spontaneous combustion, fermentation, self-heating
  • Political Violence and Terrorism Insurance

Against loss of or damage caused by: -

Fire & Special Perils
How do I apply?
  • Your name
  • Type of property
  • Phone contact and email address
  • The description/values of items to be covered

Below is what we need from you for our sign up process:

Fire & Special Perils
TALK TO USProtect your property against loss or damage due to fire and other perils.Want to know more about Fire and Special Perils?If you want to know more, we've answered a question you might have.

    We will not cover the following:

    1. War
    2. Consequential loss of any nature
    3. Radioactive contamination
    4. Damage caused to property in the open by storm, wind and water unless by their nature are kept in open
    5. Water damage through ordinary leakage of roof unless due to accidental damage by insured risk