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What is Group Medical Standard?

Group Medical Standard provides benefits like dental, optical, outpatient and inpatient services, overseas referral treatment to India, South Africa as well as Kenya. It covers for pre-existing chronic conditions including HIV/AIDS, diabetes, high blood pressure, oncology and cancer treatment, maternity as well as road and air evacuation within Uganda. Who is this for? This is suitable for Corporate institutions with a minimum of 10 staff and more than 31 lives (staff and dependants).
What's in it for you?
  • Emergency toll-free line and 24-hour call centre, air and road evacuation within Uganda, one unit rate charged per person to be covered, negotiations allowed for larger numbers to be covered,
  • Peace of mind for HR personnel since staff can access medical attention directly and conveniently at service centres,
  • Wide service provider network for accessibility, immediate access for all services like dental, optical, maternity, accidental cover, drugs, specialist access, operations, chronic illness treatment, chronic care corporate management, Telemedicine services,
  • All benefits are enjoyed immediately upon contract signage, no waiting periods at all
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How do I apply?
  • Provide a list of staff and their dependents to be covered
  • Provide completed forms per staff member
  • Provide completed corporate group proposal form
  • Client TIN number submission
  • Emails and contacts per staff member
  • Make upfront payment for cover commencement

Below is our requirements for the sign-up process:

TALK TO US Look after your employee's wellbeing with medical insurance.Want to know more about Group Medical Standard?If you want to know more, we have answered a few questions you might have.

    Other general medical insurance exclusions include:

    • Alcohol and substance abuse
    • Weight management treatments and drugs
    • Cosmetic treatments
    • Permanent family planning
    • Nutritional and Vitamin supplements (unless prescribed as part of medical treatment of a specific medical condition)
    • Self-referred or self-prescribed treatment
    • Alternative treatment (acupuncture, chiropractor, homeopathy, etc.) and herbal medicine.
    • Diagnostic equipment (e.g. Glucometers, BP machines etc.)
    • Expenses recoverable under any other form of insurance
    • Self-inflicted injury, suicide & attempted suicide
    • Naval, military and air force operations
    • Stays in sanatoria, old age homes, places of rest etc.
    • War, invasion, civil war, participation in riots or acts of terrorism
    • Dentures, crowns and bridges

    This product offers an East African coverage with coverage in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan through roaming using the SMART biometric system facilitation platform.