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      What is financial advisory?This involves:
      • Transaction advise on Initial Public Offers (IPOs)
      • Equity issues, underwriting, and private placements
      • Commercial Paper and Corporate Bonds advisory
      • Structured Loans, Commodity Linked Financing and Project finance
      • Infrastructure Bonds and Sovereign Bonds
      • Mergers and Acquisitions
      • Business restructuring, valuation, balance sheet advisory
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      • Investment expertise - We are an experienced manager worth entrusting your future with.

        Thorough & current research - Opportunity to gain from our in-depth, thorough and current research to optimise investment decisions for your fund among all others that we manage.

        Economies of scale - Ability for your fund to benefit from the economies of scale during placements and deal negotiations due to the large volumes of cash that we command.

        Top class servicing - Personalized attention through dedicated Portfolio Manager and Client Relationship Manager.

        Complementing other service provider’s role to the fund - Timely and accurate reconciliation with custodian reports due to superior investment management system. This facilitates timely preparation and distribution of monthly investment reports hence flexibility for clients in scheduling monthly reporting & fulfilling compliance requirements.

        Strong governance environment - Being managed by an experienced manager who values risk management and adheres to stringent integrity standards will ensure safety and longevity for long term growth of your fund.

        We will facilitate compliance of the fund with all statutory and legal requirements directly related to our fiduciary role as Fund Manager.

        UAP Old Mutual Uganda is a subsidiary of the UAP Old Mutual Group, EA, which is part of Old Mutual Limited (OML) a premium African financial services group that offers a broad spectrum of financial solutions to retail and corporate customers across key markets in 14 countries.

        UAP Old Mutual Financial services is regulated by Capital Markets Authority and Uganda Retirements Benefits Regulatory Authority
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