Make sure you're
Get covered against loss or damage to all goods
transported by a specific carrier.

What is Marine Open Cover Insurance?

Cover provides a blanket cover against loss or damage to all goods transported by a specific carrier, or by a specific shipper, during a stated period. Who is this for? It's for anybody who owns cargo to be imported or exported.
What's in it for you?
  • Institute cargo clause, institute strikes clauses (cargo), institute war clauses (cargo), institute classification clause, institute replacement clause and institute malicious damage clause
  • Road/rail transit clause (All Risks, including SRCC)
  • Institute standard conditions for cargo contracts
  • Including risks of loading and unloading
  • Institute theft pilferage and non-delivery (insured value) clause
  • Overnight security
  • Tarpaulin clause and books clause
  • Hold up and hijack extension, riot and strike extension
  • Loading and unloading risks
  • Transshipment/storage for 7 days at premises
  • Rail and/or road risks clause (All Risks)

We will cover the following:

marine ship in the open sea
How do I apply?
  • Your name
  • Type of goods to be insured
  • Phone contact and email address
  • Value of goods

Below is what we need from you for our sign up process:

marine hull visible only on sea
TALK TO US Stay protected even when damage or loss occurs during shipment.Want to know more about Marine Open Cover?If you want to know more, we've answered a question you might have.

    We will not cover the following:

    • War and related perils and terrorism
    • Theft from unattended vehicle/vessel
    • Willful neglect
    • Consequential loss damage
    • Year 2000 related problems and computer viruses
    • Fines and damages
    • Theft by own employees
    • Wear and tear or depreciation
    • Atmospheric or climatic conditions unless the property is conveyed in a closed vehicle