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What is Umbrella Pension Scheme?

Umbrella Pension Scheme is a voluntary retirement benefits scheme. It's basically a savings arrangement for employees while still in-service so that when they retire, resign, pass on, the accumulated amount saved plus all the related interest is utilized to purchase an annuity for such a retiree. A pension is therefore paid to the individual who is part of the scheme if the above mentioned does occur to them. The amounts paid are accumulated for the period the member has been in service with interest.
What's in it for you?The scheme structure has stakeholders including the sponsor, the administrator, the custodian, and the fund manager. The regulator of the Umbrella Pension Scheme is the Uganda Retirement Benefits Regulations Authority (URBRA). The product doesn’t include any insurance riders therefore there's no exclusions on it. The product is suitable for any organisation that is licensed to do business in Uganda.colleagues having coffee around the tableHow do I apply?
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Proof of transfer of funds
  • A schedule listing all the members

Below are our requirements for the sign-up process:

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