Insurance for your homeRest assured when you protect your home
against any potential loss or damage.

What is Domestic Package?

This packaged policy is specially designed to comprehensively cover residential premises against various risks. It provides cover for a dwelling house and contents against fire and other specified perils, for contents against theft following a break-in, for portable items against all risks, domestic workers for injuries sustained while at work as well as owner’s/ occupier’s liability. Who is this product for? The package is suitable for anybody who owns a home or holds the property in a home.
What's in it for you?
  • Domestic Package covers the loss or damage to building and contents as a result of fire, lightning, thunderbolt, earthquake or volcanic eruption, explosion, riot and strike, aircraft or other aerial device or any article dropped there from
  • The package also covers the bursting or overflowing of a water tank apparatus or pipe
  • We've got you covered when it comes to theft accompanied by actual forcible and violent breaking into, or out of, the buildings (burglary)
  • Legal liability for accidental bodily injuries and loss or damage to property (Occupiers and Owners liability)

**For more benefits, see our FAQs.

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How do I apply?
  • Your name
  • Phone contact
  • The value of contents in-home and value of your property
  • Email address
  • List of household items to be insured and their costings

Below is what we will need from you for our sign up process:

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TALK TO US Protect your property against unforeseen circumstances.Want to know more about Domestic Package?If you want to know more, we have answered a few questions you might have.

    We will also cover the following:

    • Impact on the buildings by any road vehicle or animal not belonging to the insured or any member of his family normally residing with him,
    • Storm or tempest,
    • The expense of alternative accommodation and loss of rent
    • Injuries or illnesses to the domestic workers employed in your private residence

    Below is what's not included in the policy, we will not cover:

    1. War
    2. Consequential loss of any nature.
    3. Radioactive contamination.
    4. Damage caused to property in the open by storm, wind and water unless by their nature are kept in open.
    5. Water damage through ordinary leakage of roof unless due to accidental damage by insured risk