Drive in peaceWe've got you covered against third-party risks
within COMESA region.

What is Motor Comesa Insurance?

Motor COMESA Insurance yellow card is the policy given to insure a motor user (both private and commercial) against third party risks within the COMESA region. Who is this cover for? It's suitable for anybody who owns motor vehicle or motorcycle.
What's in it for you?
  • The policy extends to cover accidents and medical expenses for the driver and the passengers of the vehicle who are insured
  • Covers anyone who is within the COMESA Region
man holding a steering wheel
How I do apply?
  • Your name
  • Type of transport
  • Type of goods
  • Phone contact
  • Email address

Below is what we will need from you to complete our sign up process:

man sitting in the driver's seat with his window rolled down, looking out the open window
TALK TO USThinking about insuring your vehicle or motorcycle? Get in touch with us.Want to know more about Motor COMESA Insurance?If you want to know more, we answered a question you might have.

    Below is the exclusions on the cover:

    • Against accidental/loss of or damage to the motor vehicle and its accessories and spare parts
    • Property damage