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What is Travel Sure Plus Insurance?

This is a worldwide travel insurance package. It provides compensation relating to medical and other emergencies whilst travelling in or out of the country. Other emergencies may include travel delay, repatriation of a travel companion, and legal expenses among many others. This cover is ideal for travelling people and can be taken either per trip or annual covers for those who travel often.
What's in it for you?
  • We will cover medical emergencies, medical transportation, repatriation and evacuation, pre-existing medical and related expenses which include hospital admission longer than 48hrs for journeys less than 30 days.
  • Travel insurance also covers follow-up treatment in East African country of residence, daily hospital cash benefit (1-day waiting period), emergency dental expenses, emergency optical expenses, and excess on outpatient claims.

**For more benefits, see our FAQs.

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How do I apply?
  • Your name
  • Destination
  • Phone contact
  • Email address

Below is the information required for our sign up process:

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    Travel Sure Plus will cover the following:

    • Accident, accidental death and accidental disablement
    • UAP Travel Assistance (repatriation of children, repatriation of a travel companion, burial, cremation, or return of mortal remains and other emergency travel expenses)
    • Baggage, personal effects, (single item limit 25% of benefit amount)
    • Cash and documents (included in luggage), luggage delay after 8hours and trade samples
    • Personal liability (with an excess of $200), hijack, hostage or wrongful detention after 12 hrs (war and terrorism)