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Sure Deal Savings and Investment Plan.

What is Sure Deal?

Sure Deal is a life cover, savings and investment plan from UAP Old Mutual that offers a tax-free guaranteed lump sum benefit at maturity of the plan. It is designed to help you to save in a disciplined manner over a period ranging between 5 years to 10 years in order to accumulate sufficient funds to enable you to achieve your dreams.
What's in it for you?

  • Life Cover benefits payable to a nominated beneficiary immediately on the death of the policy owner within the policy.
  • Accidental death benefits are payable on the death arising from accidents.
  • Waiver of premium benefit on death, this is an additional benefit that waives future contributions due under the plan incase of your unfortunate demise or disability.
  • Total permanent disability benefits as a result of accidental injuries and disease.

Sure Deal is a life cover, savings, and investment plan tailored to enable you to meet your life aspirations that have financial costs. With your goal in mind, Sure Deal offers flexible and easy payment installments to enable you to accumulate funds over a period of time. Other optional benefits that come with the plan, include:

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How does it work?
  • Visualise your dream (buying a car, building a house, purchasing land, a wedding ceremony)
  • Estimate how much you would need to achieve your dream
  • You can choose to contribute either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or you can choose to pay, a single lump sum
  • Alternatively, talk to us and let us help you calculate how much you need to invest in Sure Deal to achieve your goal
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TALK TO USAchieve your dreams with Sure Deal Savings and Investment Plan.
Want to know more Sure Deal Savings Plan? If you want to know more, we've answered some questions you might have.

    Any person between the ages of 18 and 65 is eligible to take up Sure Plan.

    You can only access any benefit under Sure Deal after the plan has acquired a cash value that is, after the plan has been in force for 3 consecutive years.

    In case the disability of the policy owner occurs during the contribution period, UAP Old Mutual Life Assurance will waive the premiums due under the plan during the continuance of such disability if the waiver of premium rider is purchased.

    Yes, you can apply for a loan from UAP Old Mutual Life on the security of the cash value of Sure Deal at the company's discretion. Sure Deal plan acquires a cash value after three complete years, which means that you can only access a loan using the plan after it has been in force for three complete years.

    If your plan has been in force for less than three complete years, it lapses due to failure to contribute payments and you lose all the benefits listed under the plan.

    If your plan has been in force for three or more years, it can be converted into a paid-up plan for a reduced benefit payable at maturity or surrendered(terminated) for cash value at that point in time and paid out.

    Sure Deal pays you the guaranteed amount indicated in your policy schedule in a lump sum.

    Yes, you can on application to UAP Old Mutual Life Assurance.